The International Music Software Contest organized yearly by the AFIM

A/ Rules for admission

1. The competition is open to all creators of musical open source sofware that can contribute to music and audio/intermedia creation.

2. The creators of the winning software will be under the obligation to publish the sources on the site of the AFIM.

3. The software must be accompanied by an installation manual, a user's manual, examples and context of use. Electronic formats (TXT, HTML, ODF, PDF) are accepted.

4. The registration form must be signed and joined to each software.

5. Software and registration forms should be addressed exclusively by parcel sent by mail before April 28 2014 to:

    Maison des Sciences de l'Homme Paris Nord
    Lomus 2014
    4, rue de la Croix Faron
    93210 St-Denis la Plaine

B/ Technical conditions

1 The software must run on one of the following OS:  Linux, Mac OS X, Windows XP

2. The software can be provided in binary format or in the form of source code.   In the latter case, the software must include a project which corresponds to the target platform and makes the generation of the binary format possible.  Eligible for admission are the following:

    - for Windows XP: Visual C++ projects
    - for Mac OS X: Xcode projects
    - for linux : makefile

C/Jury and Awards

1. The jury is made up of several AFIM Members and two personalities from the field of Computer Music.

2. The prize-winning software will receive 3000 Euros. In case of several winners, the prize will be shared among them.

Figure of major key representations in Elaine Chew's spiral array reproduced
from Tonal Theory for the Digital Age (Computing in Musicology 15). Used by permission.